Langueur Monotone


Langueur Monotone is a musical and graphical art project, mainly led by Arnaud G. GIBERT.

This website is intended to give this project more visibility and to make it known to all in a centralized, organized and pleasant way.

To contact us, please send an email to contact @ or follow us on our channel, on our page, on our page, on our page, on our page or on our page.

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The amiga years 1988-1992
The project started around 1988. The main production was Amiga centric ! It was really pure fun, the discovery of a new dimention, the multimedia age: computer, sounds, music, graphics, synthesis images, animations, video games...
More than 200 music tracks were produced mainly on the great OctaMED sound tracker, various qualities, some album ideas, a video game project, but nothing really conclusive.
Many things still to be done!

The MIDI years 1993-2000
This age starts with the discovery of a GEM S3 sythetiser and the Amiga midi sequencer "Bars & Pipes". The making of a new LP is started: "The Light Sounds Weird when the Sun turns Black", but it will not quite completed...
Concurently, the track "By my Side" is composed for the original soundtrack of the "Side" Amiga game. This is the first Langueur Monotone public release.

The silent years 2001-2010
Life goes, life changes: It's time for a break and it's time to say goodbye to the Amiga...

The Linux years 2010-now
The music call is too strong to resist !
Back on Linux with new softwares: a lot of things to learn again. At last, a lot of things to complete, a lot of things remains to be created...

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